QC Procedure

April 18, 2023
Latest company news about QC Procedure

1.Packaging check

whether the packaging is intact, whether the packaging meets the requirements of the order, pay attention to whether the order requires the original packaging vacuum packaging is good. MSL2-5 must MLS1&6 at will, whether the material number and quantity is correct, whether the side band is neat and firm, whether the positioning hole in the braided tape punched side, whether the component shape color is consistent, (non-polar components may not be aligned in the same direction) Whether the appearance of the label is good and the production date is reasonable Visual inspection / magnifying glass / microscope / cotton swab / acetone / scraper / vernier caliper / solderability tester / professional instruments / testing machine / oscilloscope, etc.

2.Label check

whether the bar code is clear and scannable, whether the LOGO is correct, whether the production date meets the order requirements, whether the green environment is in line with the order requirements, whether the factory quality inspection and packaging time is correct and reasonable

3.Pin and package check

Check whether the color and shape of the pin solder ball is normal, (no oxidation, deformation, burr, damage, pollution, etc.) whether the package form is correct, whether the number of tube corners is correct, whether the tube corners are coplanar, whether there are scratches or pinholes on the surface, whether the resin is damaged, whether the package edge is rounded, whether there are chamfers

Screen printing check. Check whether the screen printing is correct, pay attention to the direction of screen printing specified in the product specification. The dimple and convex marks on the silkscreen, whether the positioning holes are correct and clear.

4.Surface test

Wipe with acetone, observe whether the surface of the product and the silkscreen is faded and whether the swab becomes black

5.Scratch test

Whether the material scraped out with a scraper is in the form of powder

6.Product consistency

Product consistency measurement parameter value only for capacitance resistance, inductance, etc.

7.dimension check

Check whether the overall dimension, corner position, pin spacing and pin length are consistent with the package outline mark.

8.solderability test

Whether the solderability test pin and solder ball can be soldered normally.


Internal inspection and opening test (D-CAP). Is the internal matrix structure correct.

10.Fuction test

whether the function and performance test function and performance test function and performance meet the specifications. Test machine, oscilloscope is equal to seven