Shenzhen Zhaocun Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • China Shenzhen Zhaocun Electronics Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Shenzhen Zhaocun Electronics Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Shenzhen Zhaocun Electronics Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Shenzhen Zhaocun Electronics Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Shenzhen Zhaocun Electronics Co., Ltd. company profile
Main Market Worldwide
Business Type Distributor/Wholesaler, Agent, Seller
No. of Employees 100~150
Annual Sales 1000000-5000000
Year Established 2012
Export p.c 70% - 80%


    Terastor Electronics is a professional electronic components agent, distribution enterprise, with high quality electronic components and a variety of IC components, we have a mature business team, nearly ten years of industry experience, can handle a wide range of business, at the same time has a large amount of inventory to ensure our supply ability, we also have long-term stable suppliers, Able to provide high quality products and competitive prices to valued customers around the world.

    Our main businesses are Panasonic, Toshiba, MPS, Kioxia, Murata, Taiyo, Infineon, Renesas, Xilinx, Texas Instruments, Samsung, ADI, STMicroelectronics, NXP, Micron, Onsemi, Omron, Molex and other well-known brands, long-term supply Panasonic capacitors, Toshiba optocouplers and relays, MPS power chips, Kioxia flash and solid state drive and other original spot, as well as self-designed brand connectors.
Since its establishment, our company has always been committed to satisfying customers with complete supporting supply, to create a time-efficient, professional, convenient and all-round electronic components procurement platform for customers. With the service principle of high quality, original spot and fast delivery, we insist that quality is always the first requirement of our business. We promise that all products shipped to customers are original materials. And through the strict standard of quality control test, so far our company will be in the field of electronic components distribution to better comprehensive service to serve our customers, we sincerely look forward to working with you to create a cooperative, mutually beneficial, win-win business model.

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   We trust that any enquiries and inquiries you make will be confirmed immediately, confident of our good quality and competitive prices
And sincere service can solve your purchasing needs, if you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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Established Shenzhen Terastor Electronics Co., LTD., in the semiconductor professional agent distribution of Panasonic, Toshiba components brand.



Build our own mobile storage brand, independently design and research, and develop various products in the consumer electronics market, providing SSD and flash drives, etc.



Due to the increase in market demand, the production line was expanded and put into production, and the capacity gradually increased.



Our agents of electronic components and independent storage products are widely sold in the domestic market, and plan to enter the foreign market.



Our products enter the North American and European markets, and annual sales exceed $1 million.



Our products gradually enter the world, product quality is highly praised by customers.



Expanded marketing and sales team to provide high quality and reliable products to customers worldwide.



Moved into a new office building due to the expansion of the company, and further increased the number of professional team.



Terastor Electronics Limited was named "Best Supplier".



Our products are further recognized by domestic and foreign customers, with annual sales exceeding $5 million.


Pre-sale consultation
We provide 12-hour fast pre-sales response and consultation services, while providing customers with various components support and competitive prices.


Strict quality control
We have established a complete and strict quality control system to ensure the high quality of products.


Quick delivery
We have a large amount of spot stock, so we can offer a quick delivery time of 1-7 days.


24 hours after sale service
We provide one year quality guarantee, for the product itself, please feel free to contact us.

Our Team

  Terastor gathers top talents from various positions, forming a mature and dynamic professional team. The company has a complete organizational structure, with research and development Dep., QC Dep., production Dep., sales Dep., after-sales service Dep. and other functional departments.


  At work, in order to improve work efficiency and gain competitive advantages, we will conduct weekly business training and summary, and set corresponding performance targets for each functional department, so as to create a high quality and efficient work system.


  At the same time, in order to improve the cohesion and cooperation ability of the team and enhance the relationship between employees, the company organizes various outdoor activities in spare time to enrich everyone's life and enjoy happiness outside of work.

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